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Safety Signs

Safety signs are an essential addition to the general safety of your workplace. They are affordable, long lasting and require almost no maintenance. They are used to:

  • Identify safe emergency escape routes e.g. exit signs, fire exit signs, mobility impaired signs, stairway ID signs, floor ID signs, door operation signs, assembly point signs, photo-luminescent tapes, edge markers, stair nosing, paint etc.

  • Warn of various hazards e.g. general warning signs, flammable risk signs, explosive risk signs, oxidising risk signs, compressed gas signs, tread risk signs, overhead risk signs, radioactive risk signs, toxic risk signs, HAZCHEM signs, IMDG signs etc.

  • Give instructions or prohibit certain activities

  • Indicate the locations of fire-fighting equipment, medical facilities and other crucial equipment


We supply and fit safety signs made by the market-leading manufacturer Jalite. With an eye for detail, we will always ensure that your signs are correctly selected, levelled and securely fitted.

Why is it important 

Usually, your fire risk assessment should provide guidance on what signs you may need and where. Let us know the quantities and types of signs required and we will promptly reply with a complete quotation.

If there is no such guidance, we will be happy to carry out a free sign survey. Just advise us on a suitable date and time when this can be conducted. We will send you a quotation as soon as the survey is completed, and then proceed with fitting upon your request.

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